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kouiot said on 14/6/2012:

I know This simples from somewhere

kouiot said on 14/6/2012:

U have just copy my table .....

B-Smi|e* said on 14/6/2012:

Thats my own Mix, why u think i copyed ur table? And who are u, but nice to meet u xD

kouiot said on 15/6/2012:

I downloaded tour table And There is Kouiot Performance . And I am kouiot ,

B-Smi|e* said on 15/6/2012:

Ah ok, nice 2 meet u. I Downloaded Ur table and i like it. It inspired me to creat my own One. It was Not my Intention to copy yours. Sorry for mistakes.

kouiot said on 15/6/2012:

No problem man .. Nice that u liked, is There to use , Thaís the intention. But change it, mix it, experiment . And i will be Veray happy to download your table ..... Dont worry. Nice to meet you.