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Dubstep one

added on 12/6/2012
Thaís os my first dubstep table, Nice And hard . I hoje all enjoy . Coment ..
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kouiot said on 14/6/2012:

Please, dont download it to post it again with other name, change it , mix it, perform it , dont copy and paste

kouiot said on 15/6/2012:

And let your LIKES , thanks !!!

djnocker said on 15/6/2012:

Great table!!!!

kouiot said on 15/6/2012:

thanks man !!!

FTGTapGod said on 17/6/2012:

I really liked this table and as u saw I took ur advice and mixed it.

kouiot said on 18/6/2012:


Vinyx SG said on 19/6/2012:

+1 like Great table!! Awesome!! Irado!! boa sorte!!

medina said on 19/6/2012:

wow! crazy!

DJ MUMUH said on 19/6/2012:

nice work ! good luck !!

Tadeu Odum said on 20/6/2012:

Liked man

RonaldauM said on 20/6/2012:

Eh noiS ! Sucesso parcero !

Mikael said on 20/6/2012:

ae magrinho noiz na torcida!

odylinn said on 20/6/2012:

lokaa kouiot parabéns!!!!

Andresalibi said on 20/6/2012:

Creative and talented guy, i love ur table.

kouiot said on 20/6/2012:

thnaks guys for the suport .... nice that all enjoy

Richard Cruz said on 20/6/2012:


João Miguel said on 21/6/2012:

Suceeesso Mlkkkkkk, Iraaaaado !

20nleandro said on 21/6/2012:

Da horaaaa magrinho, vai que vai que ja é seu.

green13 said on 23/6/2012:

represento maloka!

kouiot said on 23/6/2012:

i hope that with all this tables , that looks like the same, doing some diferent, i gut the chance to win the challenge....

JMC said on 23/6/2012:

Som de qualidade, feito por quem entende do assunto........
Parabéns malokero
eh nós 100pre

Thayneto said on 23/6/2012:

Aiiiiiii sim =P

WoD said on 23/6/2012:

very nice work, hope u win !!!

orpheus said on 23/6/2012:

good lucky buddy !!!!

Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

Hey kouiot, really fat beat!! I *like* it (for real!!)
greetings to Brazil and good luck!!
Vera *)

kouiot said on 23/6/2012:

thanks Vera ... good luck for us !!!

Milena said on 23/6/2012:

Adorei Kouiot boa sorte

Andrézinho said on 23/6/2012:


Paloma said on 23/6/2012:

Suuuuper maravilhosa amei amei amei Pablo

Veruska said on 24/6/2012:

Tá muito linda Kouiot, vou ouvir todos os dias para relaxar
Boa Sorte essa já é sua

e-Versom said on 24/6/2012:

Boa Sorte Koiote, tah votado meu parceiro

kouiot said on 24/6/2012:

Nice spaceghost ...i will download it. .... Thanks for the like ...

B0la said on 25/6/2012:

Sem rasgação, tá muito bom !!

Sorte mlk !!

SpaceGhost said on 27/6/2012:

I even shared this on my facebook.. so now you will c how promoting does actually work.. (and maybe ppl will think you cheating now as well)

Output said on 27/6/2012:

eh guys - why you fight against each other like little children ? you all make so good sounds on your ipad - think noone of us need really a live-table (think to those who even can't have an ipad - just be happy to have all fingers at your hand ! and keep your mind on the right way)

SpaceGhost said on 30/6/2012:

Jeesas christ.. I havent been on for a few days.. But this does look bullsh*** .. I watched all ppls tracks go up in likes drastically.. I wud say this whole competitipn is rigged..

Too show my consolidarity towards the other tables.. and you koiut.. im gonna take two of my three tables out the competition... I urge everyone else to do the same..


I DUNNO HOW all these elikes got on my tracks but everyone seams to b cheating now..

So im tking my other tables down.. F this comp..

I dont need it.

kouiot said on 30/6/2012:

man...u already lost the competiton ...... im not the only one that see that u are cheating LIKES.... spacegost ? SPG ? purb ??? we are watching your move !!!! i am !!!!

americogtr said on 1/7/2012:

Freshh Koyot!!!!!!

digo78 said on 2/7/2012:

Kouiot Rules hahaha, freaky beat

fernanda.kikuda said on 2/7/2012:


kouiot said on 3/7/2012:

thanks for the likes !!!

smorf said on 3/7/2012:

baixada santista sendo representada em grande alta e estilo .
tamu junto magregrooooo é noizzzz

kouiot said on 4/7/2012:

valeu gordenhoooo...vamo ganhar....e noooiz !!!

LucasBatera said on 4/7/2012:

Attention to this guy, he deserves to receive this award in Latin America regardless of their placement at the end of promotion, but I know that the Reactable team is not stupid enough to not see it ... Congratulations, Innovative, really be doing the Reactable a tool for music production and live performance amazing!

FOXHUNT said on 6/7/2012:

Nice! Working on a tiny touch screen is NOT easy... great job man!

HardcoreRapper said on 7/7/2012:

Magreen representando...boa sorte Tru!

Keyplayer said on 8/7/2012:

wooohaa. Cool Construction. Well done. Greetings from the LauschZone Group.

kouiot said on 8/7/2012:

thanks man for the suport .....

Zilar said on 9/7/2012:

Salve Kouiot! Vamos nessa!

kaname said on 10/7/2012:

krleo muito loko koiotito noix ta votado e compartilhado

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

fatjack said on 1/3/2013:


cycyril said on 13/4/2017:

Hmm, DUBSTEP ONE seems like a really nice song. The suche ghostwriter told me about this dubstep and the composers are much too dedicated and talented for producing this. It shows clearly as well.