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stop attac siria

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Rose said on 7/4/2017:

THEY are the horrific scenes which made headlines around the globe. Child Development A suspected chemical attack in Syria has left at least 72 people dead ...

JohnPaige said on 17/4/2017:

syria is a dwelling folklore. the Syrian's taste for the traditional arts continues undiminished and their students get help from Custom Dissertation. it's miles expressed in dances consisting of the well-known al-Samah, the tables in all their versions and the sword dance, to call however a few. marriage ceremonies and the birth of kids are events for the active demonstration of people customs.

TommyHatfield said on 22/4/2017:

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hanuram123 said on 24/4/2017:

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alexbret said on 27/4/2017:

There should be some urgent steps taken by the respective authorities in order to stop child abuse taking rise all over the world. Child abusing is one of the cause that is hurting children to step forward and help their family and the country.

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peterkevinn1987 said on 27/4/2017:

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