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Thom Yorke's echoes

added on 23/7/2013
A tribute for Thom Yorke's ideas and Nigel Godrich's buttons. A noisy remix of "Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses". From Mexico City with love! By Víctor Sánchez - @victordrums
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Tonight I´ll upload a video with a live performance of "THOM YORKE'S ECHOES", Audiobus and external hardware...

Cheers froms Mexico City

Víctor Sánchez

Bruno kayapy said on 26/7/2013:

Great man!!

Hey, THANKS "Bruno Kayapy"!!

Download and play all my performances man! Only electro-experimental sounds!



Look the video of "Thom Yorke´s echoes":

Víctor Sánchez

Mexico City

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