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Escape from electronic music :) add some effect
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alfibus said on 1/4/2012:

You may have noticed that samples are not properly loaded on the table. So here's how i put them on the table (in sequence):

All the Beat loops

Bells n Blocks105-01 and 02
HandDrum105-01 and 04

All the JBass

All the Organ

Andres said on 2/4/2012:

Nice track man, liked the performance a lot.

alfibus said on 2/4/2012:

Thanks Andres! Glad it worked for you. Hopefully, when i will learn how to use the other "crystals", i will try some more complex movement...

fatjack said on 27/2/2013:

MORE! top tune on REACTABLE... a real tune stands out from the TECHNONOTICE flock.

Did you make the samples ( loops )yourself)...? as good as stuf coming out by LACK OF AFRO ... SMAAK and KRAAK etc.

I only have an ipad .. mac stolen.. so difficult to even get samples...

keep the broken beat faith .. fatjack

fatjack said on 27/2/2013:

shared your table on Face b... shame I've got no mates.....

Virus said on 10/5/2013:

This is cool ;)