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poison the well behind us

added on 23/3/2013
This reacTable set is a dark and evil sounding place. So go cut the head off a bat, make a circle of virgin blood and sit in the middle. Not for clubbing (except if you find yourself hanging out with Ozzy and Charles Manson). This is a table used in one of The Perfect Human Examples songs of the same name.
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RJ Freud Reia said on 23/3/2013:

People make mistakes. This table was accidentally deleted while working on something else. Cat on keyboard type thing,

This is an improved version, and so is the audio track, was the east I could do, so, Download it again, similar name, modified table, this time, BETTER.

<8> RJ FR

*note to self, lock keyboard, wish I could get all those nice comments back!

Evangalista said on 23/3/2013:

Oh jesus, well the first one was cool, keep the content good.

Sistemicke said on 23/3/2013:

The new audio track is a vast improvement.

Death is a Promise said on 23/3/2013:

Seriously, get in touch. But, yeah the audio track is way better. Now on to the table... <3

wilson Brad said on 26/3/2013:

Hey guys I am not able to see the table. rug pad

Margaret said on 21/11/2016:

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