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added on 19/3/2013
this is the dancisest table I've ever released... you could break this out at a party, of hip intellectuals. I'm sure this will go over big at Google! ;)
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RJ Freud Reia said on 20/3/2013:

Hey everybody!
wow, i didn't expect all this attention. It's very flattering. I don't know what to say.

Thank you ao si much for listening, sharing, etc. I'm going to be adding some MERCH soon and we're redoing the tracks on an EP within the next couple of months, We have an EP together and may just release it ourselves if you're a lel or dis.

Please remember that this is time consuming so the WERCH you asked ne for i said you can basically design the item once you buy it, I'm posting it son, if anyone wants it, you'll find it here later today:
all our merch will be made by cafepress, as you can get anything to be made by them exactly to your specifications. http:://www.cafepress/com/