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All loop slots are filled, thousands of possibilities are possible with the included samples. Please be careful if playing loud, contains subsonics. Vocal samples are entirely from physicists and US military personel1937-present. Thank you for sharing , 1/2 TPHE (RJ Freud Reia)
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RJ Freud Reia said on 7/3/2013:

>>>>>Funny story (or not so funny) originally, this table was so large that I couldn't upload it. The samples were about 45 megs, and the importer choked on it. FYI, before you create a table yourself, make sure it doesn't exceed 20 megs, otherwise it just won't share. However, after many hours of refining and reediting the samples, I can present this, a mini-version of the one that The Perfect Human Example uses. It has a ton of potential as far as sample banks go. There are 16 loop samples and some of the other components have been preconfigured to add a little spice to the whole thing.

>>>>>If anyone from the reacTable team (Gunter, Serji, Marcos, Martin, or anyone I haven't met or spoken to) it would be awesome if you could relax the size of the tables so one could upload say 50 megs, allowing for longer samples. Since (I think) you can only upload .wav files, you can adjust the sampling rates to make the files smaller. I just had to cut out a big part of one of the larger files. But, I sincerely thank you for making this community available to all! you guys are awesome, and I am constantly amazed by how cool everything has progressed.

>>>>>Alright, I have been working on this table for hours and really want to hit the sack, so I'm off but everyone enjoy.


Seriously folks, enjoy, all the best - <8>FR

enzob said on 9/3/2013:

Good sounds friend.Compliments

RJ Freud Reia said on 10/3/2013:

Wow, that means a lot coming from you man! Next table out later tonight! WAAAY better!

RJ Freud Reia said on 11/3/2013:

Note for better performance, try "Double tap to move" and "long hold to rotate" options in the settings, due to the fact that all my tables have at least 16 samples, preloaded to the Loops. So, if you use these settings, you will have more control over the samples. <8> FR