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Killed with The Knife

added on 27/10/2012
@victordrums Killed with The Knife, my new Reactable set. 16 new spectacular loops, 4 are my The Knife tribute. I usted only iPad apps for record my sounds. Waiting for the tracks & videos! ((*J*))
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Includes 4 spectacular performances!
Listen, play and enjoy!

Cheers from Mexico City!


The 1st video:

Cheers from Mexico City!

A new hipnotic video!


The video #3:

Enjoy the sound of Mexican beaches!


The video #4:

Enjoy the sound of Mexican mountains!


Margaret said on 12/3/2017:

Enjoyed the video, it innovative and fresh. I never heard such kind of intensive music anywhere around the globe. I just came here by a papersgear discount article, this is amazing. More intensified beats and overwhelming. I am waiting for the next video soon.