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added on 24/10/2012
16 new loops created a long night. Onirical & Psychedelic sounds! EXPERIMENTAL TRANCES! Download & Enjoy! (("J"))
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Thank you for your downloads!

Tonight, if Youtube works well, I'll upload one or two videos of live performances made wih ​​this table.

Enjoy and make new creations with my Reactable loops!


You can watch my 1st video demo of this table here, now!

Enjoy and thanks for your download!

Cheers from Mexico City!


Download all my tables and enjoy the exclusive Reactable media content:

"Experimental sounds", non conventional music


Margaret said on 1/8/2017:

I have downloaded this table video in my laptop but, I am not able to play that video it is asking me to use specific media player to play this video and to play on this table. I have searched for that media player software on essay about me blog but I could not found any software with that name.

milanjoy said on 10/10/2017:

I am a regular visitor of this site and it is good to see the latest update from the artist. I have downloaded and seen the performance. It was really awesome. I have seen some of the earlier performance from this artist. Keep update more.