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•Summer House 2012•

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dj giant said on 4/10/2012:

've sent to your comment on my page a message to the team raectable.
even if the case should be so that I faked Downlods what's yours?,
deleted your comment on my page! .

('ve sent to your comment on my page a message to the team raectable.)

I've logged in on 30/9/2012 raectable and finished my first table named Giant.
I have a lot in a short time Downlods get what made me really happy.
a dj named giux djs which is also located at raectable commented on my side table that I've faked downs and stupitloop.
he should stop writing such poor silly things on my side.
I really do not know whether I've now got good Downlods or if someone makes a joke.
even if one has made a joke,
what does it go to giux djs?
wanted to tell them it only
thank you
dj giant
erkan çelik

BrandonCunningham said on 10/8/2017:

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azam said on 21/9/2017:

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