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Amygdala Joy

added on 11/2/2011
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a dolt said on 11/2/2011:

Here's my first attempt with Reactable:

Amygdala Joy.rtp

I had some issues with the Sample Player occasionally shifting keys when reloading the project. I'm not sure if this was an issue with the Sample Player itself or the global effect of the Tonalizer. Hopefully, it won't be an issue for anyone. If it is, then try adjusting the half tone (root key) of the Sample Player controlling the bass line (detuned saws) until it again meshes with the rest of the tune.

thodoris said on 12/4/2012:

This loop is stuck in my mind! Why don't u try recording a performance with it? It would be gr8!

Mathieu said on 17/4/2012:

I agree! :)

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