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Hachís Hashis - Conjuro Árabe

added on 9/9/2012
Mi primer mesa con motivos árabes, en ritmo maksum y variaciones. Utilicé Derbake real w/mic, Korg Wavedrum, Kaossilator Pro, Kaoss Pad 3 y 8 samples prestados de canciones antiguas arabes y La Chora Interminable (Jis y Trino). CON PAZ DESDE LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO / PEACE FROM MEXICO CITY
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Hello Reactable Community! Hello world friends!!

This is "HACHÍS HASHIS - CONJURO ÁRABE", my first song inspired by Arabic music. Includes real recordings of Wavedrum & Darbuka, made in home ​​by me.

Download the table and play the 3 onirical performances!

If you are a percusionist-drummer, you can play my song with INPUT CUBE (with your tablet mic or interface) and try to create something new...

Rythms compatibles:
- Maksum
- Saidi
- Baladi
- Others in 4/4, 2/4 or 8/16

Good stuff!

Many greetings!

Víctor Sánchez

You can view the 1st VIDEO of Reactable + Wavedrum + Kaoss Pad 3 + Kaossilator Pro in LIVE ACT... only a TEST with iPad Audio Interface.

Look and listen onirical sounds!

Another VIDEO... with DARBUKA (DERBAKE) Drum!!