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Ganas de llorar - Cardenche spirit

added on 23/8/2012
Tributo cardenchero a la naturaleza del mundo y el triste humano. PLEASE check the Performances included before play, can give some ideas for play your remix of GANAS DE LLORAR
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Good vibes for all!!

Destroy my table with deelays, LFO, Input mic or line (with iRig or other interface, like Tascam ixz), etcetera!!


View my 1st live performance video of GANAS DE LLORAR - CARDENCHE SPIRIT!!


Good vibes for all!!


And now... listen a new live performance track ok GANAS DE LLORAR - CARDENCHE SPIRIT


Good vibes!!


Download my NEW Reactable sounds!!

Thanks for these 775 downloads in 7 days!!