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El Coleccionista de Árboles

added on 6/2/2012
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Le Freak Selector said on 6/2/2012:

artist: Alex Brinken & Martin eNe
genre: deep minimal dub step
label: unsigned
year: 2012

Alex Brinken (Islas Canarias) teaches Electronic Music Production in the famous SAE Institute, Barcelona. Owner of Beatlabs Studio & Ahoren Music. He´s a techno DJ since 1995. Martin eNe aka. Le Freak Selector (Argentina) is part of the Reactable team since 2009. He´s resident DJ at Sala Apolo & composer at la Fura dels Baus. Founder of the REACTABLE_GLOBAL_SOUND band (RGS)

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Andres said on 23/3/2012:

Your best work so far, In my opinion.

Closet Burner said on 28/3/2012:

I love this table, and this mix is dope! Keep it coming... {{{{}}}}

Mathieu said on 13/4/2012:

Super nice mood... also, it's a very nice plus that you are usong loops longer than 4 bars...! :D
(on a side note, I've heard that sooner or later ogg compressed files will be supported ;)
Keep them coming!

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