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Mazatlan V.1 ( Contest )

added on 9/7/2012
80 keyboards made in Logic. The drum set by logic too. bass line in reactable , drum 2 in reactable, the synth solommade in C pentatonic scale
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Jules77b said on 11/7/2012:

Nice track, nice performance. Voted.

Catche ( Zapata Music ) said on 12/7/2012:

thanks jules

DJ Marbins said on 13/7/2012:

Beautiful track. Liked.

Catche ( Zapata Music ) said on 13/7/2012:

thanks marbis

Dave Espinoza said on 29/7/2012:

Gracias Cache! No tengo planeado venderla, ya quiero tenerla y ver que tanto puedo hacer con ella :), saludos!

Sobres! Suena bien y ya descargando! Buenas vibras calurosas!!