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added on 8/7/2012
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miguelherver said on 8/7/2012:

Track Made With Reactable Mobile to Win The Reactable Contest
All Sounds & Samples are created in Logic Pro 9 & Korg Polysix
All Effects & Filters are made with Reactable.
Live Recording in Reactable Mobile.

kouiot said on 9/7/2012:

WhAt do you think are you doing ? You think you can upload your table CHEATING Likes ....andnow one will see....welcome to the Desqualification TeAm .....


miguelherver said on 9/7/2012:

i don't understand what you say, i just upload my table and i'll share with my friends for wining some votes, my best wishes for you

DJ Marbins said on 9/7/2012:

Great track!

miguelherver said on 9/7/2012:

thnx friend!

DJ Marbins said on 9/7/2012:

...and you already have my vote :-) I'm looking forward to seeing your video too. Mine hasn't been approved by the moderators yet, but you can see it here:

Jules77b said on 11/7/2012:

Please upload your performance!

miguelherver said on 11/7/2012:

Hey Jules, i can't modify my table,is not allowed by the contest rules, but see my video :D

good luck!

miguelherver said on 11/7/2012:

Thanx for all the comments :D wait for the video & please like my table. :D

miguelherver said on 11/7/2012:

ill upload a performance of this track in another table cuz i cant modify this... Thanx for the votes & the vibe

miguelherver said on 11/7/2012:

The Performance are in this link!

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

miguelherver said on 18/7/2012:

Thnx Bro!

PeaceSense said on 17/10/2012: