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by JPL
added on 5/11/2011
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JPL said on 5/11/2011:

Yep - it really is an old english folk dance tune, just shaken around a bit and given a bit of punch!
NOTE: the two sampleplayers ("keyboard" tangibles) really should be one octave higher for full effect.
Please do double-tap them and rotate them upwards one full octave.

There is (still) a bug causing them to save themselves with the default setting (midifreq 57) rather than the setting I put them to (midifreq 69 one octave higher) You ought to hear what it sounded like when the rest of the table was in G but these darlings loaded themselves in A!

Andres said on 11/11/2011:


I can't reproduce the bug of the sampleplayers in my galaxy S or in the iOS version. Have you upgraded to the latest version? Now if I save the song I get the correct pitch.

Best regards,

JPL said on 11/11/2011:


Yes, as far as I know I am running the very latest version:

Reactable Mobile for Android V1.34
Asus TF101, Honeycomb, 3.2.1

And yes, the problem still occurs on SOME tables. I believe that some of my tables (with re-tuned sampleplayers) ARE saving their frequencies properly, but some (like this one) are definitely not.

I have tried a number of times but just can't persuade it to save properly.

Could it be the complexity of my tables?

Good luck finding the bug - it does exist, just not always.
Best Regards

Mathieu said on 24/3/2012:

Should be fixed now!