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The Red Fox

added on 6/7/2012
A simple song created on the reactable iPhone app. I hope you'll vote for FOX HUNT so I can create more music on a bigger scale...!
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kouiot said on 9/7/2012:

why people GIVE LIKES to you and dont let a comment ???

chemergar said on 9/7/2012:

I didn't know to like something you needed to comment on it!!! This guy rocks!!!!!!!!

kouiot said on 9/7/2012:

normaly yes.....if they like it for real...they will coment....very very strange....but good luck

chemergar said on 9/7/2012:

I am sorry you feel that someone has to "comment" to honestly "like" something...this is not strange at is what it is...people like him and don't feel the need to comment cause he already know why he is liked.

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

Semyon Perepelitsa said on 24/7/2012:

Very nice!

katyciara said on 30/8/2016:

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dmitriysmith said on 10/9/2016:

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JeffreyHuebner said on 9/11/2016:

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debra said on 20/4/2017:

It is not that bad like others said in the comments. I actually liked it. It is good when compared to the other songs that people make through their phones. You did a good job. I hope you are making more good ones like this. mens colorful socks