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French Toast

added on 5/7/2012
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and french toast is the most important part of breakfast. If french toast could sing, it would sound like this. Be sure to check out the video and please enjoy this slice of sunshine in the morning. All of the loops are original and were made with a Kaosillator Pro, Logic Express, and Figure (by Propellerhead). Reactable pulls them all together. If you like this song, or breakfast in general, vote for me!
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Blinky said on 7/7/2012:

This is crazy good! Loved the track. Loved the video. Way cool!

miguelherver said on 9/7/2012:

thnx partner, tomorrow ill try to upload a video of the performance! i vote for your track! is awesome to! gift me your vote :D

DJ Marbins said on 9/7/2012:

Thanks, Miguel! You already have my vote :-)

DangerousYams said on 9/7/2012:

The new soundtrack to my breakfast!!

insomniakz said on 9/7/2012:

This video and track are SICK!

colin said on 10/7/2012:

Floppy eared dude brings the noise.

iwebb22 said on 10/7/2012:

This here is real!

ladyj said on 10/7/2012:

this rocks!

miguelherver said on 11/7/2012:

Here My video!

Tomanytimes said on 11/7/2012:

I love all the pretty colors!

Jules77b said on 11/7/2012:

Nice track, great video!
Would be nice if u could get the puppet to put one hand in the air!

miguelherver said on 12/7/2012:

you are in the top!!! gooood!! congratulations friend!

Makoki said on 12/7/2012:

Cool video Marbins! :)

Naviara said on 12/7/2012:

Very funny video Marbins, like it alot :-)

DJ Marbins said on 12/7/2012:

Thanks, Jules! He tried raising his hands a couple of times during the shoot, but he kept hitting his ears :-)

DJ Marbins said on 12/7/2012:

Thanks, Makoki and Naviara! I'm glad you enjoyed the was a lot of fun to shoot too :-)

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

DJ Marbins said on 18/7/2012:

Thanks, Output!

Dave Espinoza said on 24/7/2012:

Hey! Thanks for your comments Dj Marbins, i'm crazy happy! Cool Job and really i like your song and your video!

Vibaco said on 28/7/2012:

Very good table and nice vid !

Weast Coast said on 12/2/2013:

Great performance!

Margaret said on 4/4/2017:

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Bethany Waytt said on 7/6/2017:

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lioneljohn said on 12/10/2017:

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