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Smallest in the West V2

added on 3/7/2012
This table uses a synthesis of acoustic and electronic elements. It makes excellent use of the hard link and loop sequencing features, and it's a ton of fun to play around with!
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Only 65 Downloads and 57 LIKEs? So much!!

I really hope they are real people and not fake accounts; unfortunately is a "common" malpractice in the challenge.

Good luck!

kouiot said on 6/7/2012:


kouiot said on 6/7/2012:

Even with just an iPhone at my disposal, I'm amazed at what I've been able to create and perform on the mobile app, and I can only dream of what's possible on the actual Reactable Live.

NOW you keep dreaming .... hauhua

Levitate said on 6/7/2012:

Just to quell any doubts, the only account I've voted from is my own. All other "likes" have come from my friends who manage their own accounts. I believe in an honest competition, so hopefully you can take my word for it!

kouiot said on 6/7/2012:

lets hope.....we will see on 13th .... lets see what the judges will tell after check all host...ip entrance... from all users in the challenge .... i belive A LOT of people will be desqualified.... you one of watching you promotion .....nothing in facebook, nothing on twiter .... and u will tell me that your freinds are helping you ??? come on ..... how??....they register and them dont let a coment ??? very suspicius ....take cara not the only watching steps of people that think are smart enought ..... lets hope you are telling the truth .... i dont thinks so ...but.... let see...

DJ Marbins said on 8/7/2012:


Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

Table Syndicate said on 25/7/2012:

Congratulations Levitate:)
This is a beautiful track.
I am really impressed with what you accomplished with the mobile features on an iPhone interface (so small). I also thought using a second iPhone to record the video was pretty slick too!!
When you get your table (and have questions which you will!!) feel free to contact me/us.
It's nice to know we have a neighbor in Canada that will soon have their own table. Hit me up via the website or FB info below.
Congratulations and kind regards,

PS if you want to take a trip to NYC this Friday you should come check out our show:)

Dave Espinoza said on 25/7/2012:

Congrat's Lev :)!! Really nice song!

Tim Brensinger said on 4/8/2012:

How did this not win the overall competition...

kiddchaos said on 12/10/2012:

I see why this won.great job but you know haters gotta hate lol