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Daft Dream

added on 26/6/2012
Hey! Wassup! This is my first reactable table called "daft dream" I hope you like it guys! Remember watch the video for this song!
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damned and forsaken said on 27/6/2012:

This is by far the best song I've downloaded it's beautiful

Dave Espinoza said on 27/6/2012:

Thanks D&F . Reactable team not aproved my video for this song yet, but you can watch it on this link, i hope you like it. Please SHARE!

nishu said on 27/6/2012:

nice table.. enjoyed it lots.

Dave Espinoza said on 27/6/2012:

Thanks Nishu :) , watch the video. jeje.

Naviara said on 28/6/2012:

great Video, Dave!
full of art .. planet reactable :-) Like the end where you zoom out!!
Vera *)

Dave Espinoza said on 28/6/2012:

Hey, Hello Naviara, thanks for your comments, i could see and listen your work and i just can say congratulations! Very professional, we should live in my Reactable Planet. :P! Lucky!

kouiot said on 30/6/2012:

nice table man... good sound and nice video.... my respect !!!!

Dave Espinoza said on 1/7/2012:

Thanks kouiot!

204 Underground said on 2/7/2012:

Nice song...I also like the video, cool idea

Dave Espinoza said on 2/7/2012:

Cool!, Thanks 204.

Dave Espinoza said on 4/7/2012:

Hey! Thanks for all your likes guys :) Now you can download this song on this link.

For all the new people in the Reactable community please remember share our music and Click the "LIKE" button on our tables if you like it

// Dave

JCROCK said on 5/7/2012:

Nice Bro! muy chingon!

Dave Espinoza said on 5/7/2012:

Yeah! Gracias bro! JCROCK

GRACIAS por tu mensaje buena onda man! Igualmente suerte y un gran abrazo. Chingón el video y toda la onda extaterrestre que me late!!


DJ Marbins said on 8/7/2012:

The video concept is great and the hand-crafted look brings a nice warmth to the song too. Very beautiful.

Jules77b said on 11/7/2012:

Nice track man! Voted.

Dave Espinoza said on 11/7/2012:


Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !


Pensé que ganaría por tanto esmero y constancia con Reactable, pero tu canción les fue más agradable... DISFRÚTALA Y HAZ COSAS PROGRESISTAS CON ELLa!!!




miguelherver said on 24/7/2012:

Que chingoneria que la mesa se quedo en México! Felicidades amigo ((: dale vuelo!

DJ Marbins said on 24/7/2012:

Congratulations on the win!

Naviara said on 24/7/2012:

congrats Dave!!
Vera *)

Semyon Perepelitsa said on 24/7/2012:

Nice song and video

Dave Espinoza said on 25/7/2012:

Thanks Guys! I'm Really Happy!!! :)

Levitate said on 25/7/2012:

And an equal congratulations to you Dave! I'm glad the grand prize went to such a deserving artist. Have a blast with that thing; I know I will!

Makoki said on 25/7/2012:

Eyy Dave felicidades, espero que disfrutes mucho de tu mesa, te lo mereces :)
Espero que algun dia me la dejes XD

Makoki said on 26/7/2012:

Algun diaa ;) venga saludos!

Zapata said on 27/7/2012:

felicidades dave.... aqui tienes un comprador de tu mesa ..... por si requieres liquidez

Bndo said on 28/7/2012:

Gran tema Dave...
felicidades por el juguete y make music...

Bndo form chile

Dave Espinoza said on 29/7/2012:

Gracias a todos por sus comentarios! Me siento afortunado de tener la oportunidad de hacer musica con la reactable, próximamente estaré subiendo un par de mesas más :)

damned and forsaken said on 5/8/2012:

I saw the video so epic

Frackbag7 said on 11/8/2012:

man you nail it, hope you enjoy the table, From Venezuela Dj frackbag7, Congrats!!

lfc001 said on 2/9/2012:

Increible. Tanto por la mesa que con pocos instrumentos armaste terrible mesa, como por la misma presentacion del video. Tengo dudas de que cosas se te pasaran por la cabeza para pensar ese tipo de ideas. Un groso loco. Y felicidades ;)

Dave Espinoza said on 11/9/2012:

Visit the "Daft Dream" Site :)

Redbaron said on 23/9/2012:

Great table

universe oz!! said on 29/9/2012:

Felicidades disfruta esa mesa es un sueño tener una de esas :)

kiddchaos said on 12/10/2012:

Great job loved the animation

Zapata said on 14/5/2013:

Que onda Dave como vas con la mesa ?

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