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added on 26/6/2012
Rap done by Fred I.Naks... Nigerian legend. And my homie.
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Output said on 26/6/2012:

really cool guys ! nice and easy flow ! give u more likes as i could ...

masumulhaq05 said on 27/6/2012:

I like this flow.. mad deeeep!.. is the bass synced tho?

dm88 said on 27/6/2012:

Sipping purps!!

oachtuc said on 27/6/2012:


alamhd said on 27/6/2012:

وأنا أتفق. هذه الشكوى هي عرجاء

mathew said on 27/6/2012:

makes me want to sip syrup and learn to rap.

DCD Weerawardhana said on 28/6/2012:

Ik vind dit. Ik hoop dat je wint de wedstrijd

maincpa77 said on 12/5/2017:

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