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added on 24/6/2012
Remix this table to make illy dub step door door beating...
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imeking said on 26/6/2012:

I dig this

dm88 said on 27/6/2012:

lol.. i want that coin machine.

zaaan said on 27/6/2012:

me gusta

rosii9 said on 28/6/2012:

this bass is rocking

rauti5hop said on 28/6/2012:

I like it. wonky

ginaverdasco said on 28/6/2012:

това е реални техно

204 Underground said on 4/7/2012:

The basses are sweet...what software do the bass synths come from?

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !