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Attiva Psionic

added on 23/6/2012
I used able ton to make this track.. It's being released soon on beat port etc.. Please like it as I really wanna be a wave table dj but cannot afford to buy one..
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kouiot said on 23/6/2012:

niiice !!!!

Richard said on 24/6/2012:

nyc progression

imeking said on 26/6/2012:


tusher1001 said on 26/6/2012:

This si blowing my mind.

kouiot said on 27/6/2012:

i just hope u are not cheating to get LIKES, becouse ALL YOUR tables have almost the same likes and downloads .... take care

SpaceGhost said on 27/6/2012:

Its called propmting bud!! I gave yours a like so dunno y u chining me.. jeolusy makes u nasty.. didnt think premoting wasnt allowed.. facebook rocks by the way.. so does twitter

kouiot said on 27/6/2012:

im not talking about that.... i just give u a advisory .... cheting will make u loose the challange ... im using facebook to make my promoting ..... no wonder .... but say to people to coment on your table.... ill bring more credebility ...

dm88 said on 27/6/2012:


SpaceGhost said on 27/6/2012:

I PREMOTED YESTERDAY TO 3500 + ppl and got 30 likes...

Output said on 27/6/2012:

eh guys - why you fight against each other like little children ? you all make so good sounds on your ipad - think noone of us need really a live-table (think to those who even can't have an ipad - just be happy to have all fingers at your hand ! and keep your mind on the right way)

alamhd said on 27/6/2012:

هذا شيء عظيم

anupa said on 27/6/2012:

har inte hört så stora tabeller i en lång tid

mathew said on 27/6/2012:

this is fantastic.. I checked your facebook.. looks legit. :)

DCD Weerawardhana said on 28/6/2012:

Dit is een fantastische tafel. veel succes!!

ahmed said on 28/6/2012:

böyük iş uşaqlar. Bu böyük etmişdir tablo var. davam çox maraqlı şeylər çox.

Markal said on 28/6/2012:

This is super cool.. good luck champ

ginaverdasco said on 28/6/2012:

това е страхотен другар

kouiot said on 29/6/2012:

YOU ARE CHEATING "" LIKES "" .... i was on your facebook adn twiter and no one LIKED your link, maybe yourgirlfriend. YOU come with 3 tables from one day to another with 54 likes and ALL OF THEM.... VERY VERY SUSPICIUS..... I SHARED MY TABLEs, you not..... U FAKE .....

SpaceGhost said on 30/6/2012:

Jeesas christ.. I havent been on for a few days.. But this does look bullsh*** .. I watched all ppls tracks go up in likes drastically.. I wud say this whole competitipn is rigged..

Too show my consolidarity towards the other tables.. and you koiut.. im gonna take two of my three tables out the competition... I urge everyone else to do the same..


I DUNNO HOW all these elikes got on my tracks but everyone seams to b cheating now..

So im tking my other tables down.. F this comp..

I dont need it.

SpaceGhost said on 30/6/2012:

Plus i dont need bullshit accusations when i know my shit is hot!!

F*** all you okes and your bullshit insecurities

SpaceGhost said on 30/6/2012:

AND TO CALL ME FAKE!!! F*** YOU KOIUT!! I just got signed to 2 record labels... so yye.. DO NOT APRECIATE YOUR SHITTYNESS TOWARDS ME!!! GO TO HELL!

kouiot said on 30/6/2012:

im not the olny oon the comunnity that see your cheting you moron ..... u think u can do 100 acounts with diferent name and no one will see ???? wake up kid .... this is a serius facebook page is FAKE...u are using a name from another artist only to get people on your page......the REACTABLE NEVER GO TO SOUTH AFRICA LIKE THIS !!!!
enjoy your desqualification !!!

kouiot said on 30/6/2012:

are your 2 signed labes made by your-self ????

cycyril said on 27/5/2017:

This whole album, ATTIVA PSIONIC is unlike any other. There's the which helped me come here, listen to such music. And to be honest, it has only impressed me yet.