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Electrical Life [reactable mind]

added on 22/6/2012
This is our table for the reactable contest. We wrote a song for, about and in love with the reactable. Hope you *like* it. Play it loud and sing along with our song. Electrical greeting from Naviára :-)
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Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

Lyrics "Electrical Life":

verse 1:

virtual life is our life!
I`m operating my fantasy
power is on, open up your eyes
give me hint, wanna play with me?
you lift me up
you get me high
you carry me far out
ahead of my time
so unreal
your intensity is giving
a thrill to me!

verse 2:

virtual life is alive!
I´m pushing forward your inner sense
"never look back what is left behind"
you got no meaning of your offense
you lift me up
you`re breaking free
you carry me far and
you`re driving me
so unreal
your intensity is giving
a thrill to me!


flickering eyes
digital mind
upload your soul
electrical life I control

your perfect skin
leads me within
turn on your light
reactable and unaffectable
that`s what you`re like!

Plutonium Cola said on 23/6/2012:

Genial gemacht :D

Gruss, Gian

Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

Thank you all for your votes!!! You are so great!!!
Vera *)

TMA said on 23/6/2012:

Great track. I like it and will share it ;-)

Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

Thanks for supporting us TMA :-) Have a great weekend!
Vera *)

Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

!!! Attention !!! On request, we enabled the download button on soundcloud, feel free to download our demo performance to add it to your music collection, and play it anywhere you like..... (we know, you could do a render of the track inside the app by yourself, but this way is much faster)

A great weekend to all of you!!
Vera *)

kouiot said on 23/6/2012:

grusse from brasilien .... take a look on my track for the challenger....and like it .... and i hope u like for real..... Glück für uns

Naviara said on 23/6/2012:

Hey kouiot,
yes we do! :-)
Vera *)

Naviara said on 26/6/2012:

our performance video is online now, also with some "behind the scenes" infos...
have a great week, and don't forget to download and like, like, like... :-)))
Vera *)

saftsack said on 28/6/2012:

Very Cool. i like it very much.

Naviara said on 28/6/2012:

Thank you very much, saftsack :-)))
Vera *)

thomas-w said on 30/6/2012:

Sehr cooler Track. Und dieses Teil ist auch der Hammer. Drücke euch die Daumen. Bei DEM Song habt ihr das echt verdient.

Naviara said on 1/7/2012:

Danke Thomas, das freut uns sehr!!!

Naviara said on 1/7/2012:

Dear friends, fans, listener and reactamixer...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300 Downloads of our table and your LIKES !!
You are all so great!!

Vera *)

manfred.karr said on 1/7/2012:

Bin durch Zufall auf diesen Table gestossen. Ist wirklich sehr gelungen.

Keyplayer said on 8/7/2012:

Geiler Projekt. Beim nächsten mag ich mal mitarbeiten. Drücke Euch die Daumen.

Naviara said on 9/7/2012:

Danke euch beiden, Manfred und Keyplayer, für eure Stimme!!

Julian Styles said on 9/7/2012:

Great Stuff mates !!!

Naviara said on 9/7/2012:

Hey Julian,

thanx a lot.. :-)
Vera *)

Sandra Stannick said on 9/7/2012:

Wow nice work!

Rayjunx said on 10/7/2012:

verry cool ;)

TimorSZ said on 12/7/2012:

Hört sich gut an!!

AnjaSE said on 12/7/2012:

Wow, besser als Deep Inside!

Holger Gemisch said on 12/7/2012:


BWReins said on 13/7/2012:

Das klingt super!

Naviara said on 13/7/2012:

Vielen Dank an euch

Markus (RayJunx), Timor, Anja und Holger... Auch an BWR1.. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass auch ein namenhafter Braunschweiger Radiosender für uns gestimmt hat!! :-)

Vera *)

Output said on 17/7/2012:

congrat's - you did it !

Naviara said on 23/7/2012:

@Output ... Thank you!! (btw. you did it too...)
Vera *)

Dave Espinoza said on 29/7/2012:

Thanks Vera! I'm happy! Regards from Mexico! :)

Lupillo said on 8/2/2014:

The best of the contest. Here are the winners, no doubt about it. Hope another reactable contest you win the table