Blade Aka Nostrom-us is a Venezuelan Producer & dj that has the first contact on the eletronic scene with the break beat/Jungle/D&B styles, 1998 he is present at "Total eclipse festival" celebrated in the patanemo Beach (Venezuela), where he meet the trance music and start to get more and more involved with this style. Nostrom-us has been a dj for 9 years. Started to play psytrance 7 years ago and is now considered one of the most talented and respected djs /Events producer in Venezuela.

He loves most forms of Psy trance but his main style is Progressive Psy trance to Dark Psy. His sets always provide joy to the dance floor pleasure with cosmic dark and complex trip sounds. Nostrom-us is also a Psy Trance music producer. In this moment his projects are NOSTROM-US and PSYKOMUNITY Scene Crew (2004) together with Venezuelan Artist like Yara (Savina & Biosampler ) Aka DARKOHM, ADA XANA, OXIDELIC Aka D-alien, Somarobotics.

Blade Aka NOSTROM-US, Also played at Big events and festivals in venezuela, togheter with artists from the Psychedelic & techno International escene like INFECTED MUSHROOM (ISR), KLUSTER(SE), THE GEEZER (UK), THE LIBERATORS (UK) (Christ/Aaron/Julian) from UK / DAMIAN (UK) / LAURIE IMMERSION (uk) / DDR (UK)/ Julie Delorme (NL) / Darren Crowler (NL) / Gizelle (UK)/ and more….