If one were to describe French Mecanik in 3 words, they would certainly say:
Hypnotic , percussion and visual.

Fruit of the union between Frachet Andre and Alban Cervero this artistic
project is part of a process of innovation and complementarity as much about the art,
live performances on the musical color.

Inspired at the base by various eclectic backgrounds, they give us a music full
of freshness, originality, and perfectly balanced between electro and dubstep.

Some will find Vitalic, others from Skrillex, but one thing is,
it's mostly French Mecanik visual. It is currently the only French to give us
a live show on Reactable! (instrument of electro-acoustic music that you can
change the components of a modular synthesizer)

Both founders of Temporalibus festival, they quickly captivated audiences
during their first performance in March 2013. This peculiar exchange with
its audit way of surprising balance between dynamism and gives them a
unique identity.

To summarize French Mecanik is innovative, powerful, visual, unique,
and above all dedicated to develop the various French scenes in the coming years.

Be there, be present, you will be surprised ... You have been warned!