Dj Redflame

Dj Redflame took 2001 feet in the music scene.At first, he put on in various youth centers, before he decided to create music himself. During this time, several pieces have been created, including "Dance Floor on Fire" in 2011. Meanwhile, more than 10 pieces are created, which can be found at the following sites: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Mx3, 6degrees, Backstage Pro Regioactive, LastFM and now on Reactable
Electro Fire
Dj Redflame - Dirty Flame
Dj Redflame - Little Big Flame
Dj Redflame - Funky House Flame
Flames in the Night
Dj Redflame feat. J-Jack - Infected Flames
Fire in Love
Minimal Fire
Trance Fire
Dance Floor on Fire