Björk / Damian Taylor

Damian has spent the majority of his adult life locked away in recording studios engineering, programming, mixing, producing, and writing. Best known for his recording work with The Prodigy, UNKLE, and Björk, a couple of years ago he also became known as “that tall guy who does the wizard rune table thing in Björk’s band”.

While the majority of technologically minded people with their finger on the pulse first came across the Reactable through the initial demo videos on YouTube, the next wave of people found out about it during Björk’s 18 month “Volta” world tour and its accompanying television events.

On his experiences with the Reactable all over the world, Damian says: “At first I couldn’t quite believe it actually existed. I almost thought the YouTube videos were some 3D animator’s funny joke because the instrument was just so completely different to anything that existed. As often happens, the universe took a funny turn and soon I was playing one live onstage! What is really amazing about the Reactable is how intuitive and visceral it is. I’m a bit of a synth and studio geek so I understood the function of all the different blocks immediately, however the completely free way that I could access those different aspects of sound and synthesis were unlike anything I had ever experienced before or since. Demonstrating these capabilities to people who weren’t as geeky as me was brilliant; they could grasp straight away the effects of what they were doing even if they didn’t understand the theory.

He continues, “Performing with the Reactable allows a different part of the brain to take over, and I found this more primal level of thought constantly led me to find new sounds, textures and experiences over and over and over throughout the whole tour. The reason Björk wanted the Reactable with us was because it also allows the audience to experience and understand electronic music and its performance on a whole new level – and I found the Reactable somehow allowed me to experience the audience and their response in a very different way to the other instruments in my live rig. It’s just an amazing, elegant, beautiful thing.”