Davic Nod

Davic Nod is a young musician from Barcelona, enthusiast of electronica and technology. He started piano at 9, solfege and harmonics and at the age of 12 he already started to work as a composer. At 14 he discovered electronic music and there was no going back…

Currently he is producing music for his personal projects and also collaborating with the neoclassic pianist Gabriela Parra with whom he is working in the Clicks&Keys project.

He played at big festivals like the Sónar in Barcelona, 2009 and published his debut album “Some music comes from the cellar” (October 2010) at the netlabel of the “Asociación Cultural Miga”. Included were some themes from the Sonar live show and others like the collaboration with Gabriela Parra.

“Davic Nod & The Dancers live!” is a show which was presented the first time at the publication of the Miga Label.

2011 he played at the LEV festival as a winner of the ScannerFM/LEV prize and a bit later at the iMusic festival with the Reactable Mobile, where he plays at the public bus number 7 in Barcelona, during the Primavera Cultura of the Barcelona Public Transport (TMB).