Kokab Land

Kokab his the artistic name of Sérgio Silva, a Dj / Musician/ Portuguese producer who brought to Portugal the first Reactable as a brand new project.
Since very early that Sérgio Silva showed interest for music, espacially in classic music.
With only eight year olds, he goes to Switzerland, its just in Switzerland that he began his musical formation in piano, quickly being recognized has a talented student.
With 18 years he return to Portugal and find in electronic music a fascination that keep him always in contact with big events.
Carl Cox, Silicon Soul, DJ Vibe ,Jeff Mills are some of the references that arouse in Sérgio Silva the decision to keep investing in that direcction.
DJ Ing, his world his now surrounded by Vinyls, starting to play in friends partys, birthdays… he become a autodictat developing his studys at home, in a constant work in search of the perfection.
Feeling the need de creat his owns tracks, he starts in 2005 a formation to produce digital music.
Its a lonely process – “in the darkness” has Sérgio himself define -, improving his own potential – and finally culminate to the “Kokab Land” Project.
Going from various muscil influences – Electro House, Tribal House, Tech House -, with a mixture that encompasses a personal touch that come from his roots of classical music, his creations are a profund personal of his surroundings, in a constant search, whit his musical compositions to try to reach evryone.
Kokab conveys a knowledge – being, with different sounds and multi plunge in perfect affinity with the track produced, showing the fundamental characteristics of an artist who already shows a keen and deep technical level control. Finally, it is a perfect symbiosis of musical sound.
In 2007, Sergio Silva noted the reactable project, an impressive Computerized Synthesizer, which is under development and which ends in January 2011. Immediately felt a passion, an innovative, more artistic, to expose his work. With the reactable Live Act, performs the expected, while it brings to Portugal an innovative and advanced instrument that is the reactable.
In the lasts months, Sérgio Silva – or Kokab – has received lots of excellent reviews and critiques from the world music, mainly from the innovative way to reach the public and the interaction with the audience, allowing a better compreension of the construction of the music track.
To Kokab, its leaving the mouse and keyboard, and create a musical performance in a way to see and feel the magic of the Reactable Live!