If you wanted to learn how to win your boyfriend back then you really have to start on the inside…with what’s inside of yourself.

We dated back and forth for 4 yrs. He finally broke up with me when I was 6 months pregnant of his child.

He contact me every now and then to see how I was doing, My baby is 2 months now and still calling me.

But he doesn’t touch the getting back together part or anything that says that he still have feelings for me.

I feel stupid after talking to him because I act nice to him and giving clues to ask me to see each other.

People have told me to ignore him and not being friends with him but we have a child together and he wants to be involved in her life; besides I think I’m still into him, so it’s impossible to do that. Or it isn’t.

She says she’s stuck between him and me. We were in love, really in love, but I won’t talk too much about the break up, except that we ended it too early.

She says there are feelings there, and a bond that keeps her close to me that she can’t explain. I feel the same thing ( Except I know what the bond is. )

I’ve taken the first few steps to winning her back. We’ve flirted for about a week now, and these past two days, we’ve been playing a very High-school esque ‘questions’ game.

What I got out of it : If it wasn’t for her boyfriend, she says she would definitely go for a relationship ( with me ), and would sleep with me ( Not what I’m looking for mainly ) all the ‘perks’ included. The thing is, she does have feelings for him.

They have had problems in the past. One being she would not do anything with him, because she knew I didn’t/don’t trust him. ( I don’t know why I told her I did once, what an idiot move ) The point is; I know she’s leaving the door open enough to allow me to win her back.

The thing is, now that we’ve flirted ( Unfortunately, mostly over msn, though a good amount in person too ), and openly talked about sleeping together and our feelings, I’m not quite sure what my next move should be.

I’ll be with her all day Sunday, as she’s helping me unpack in the new home. There will be several opportunities for us to talk, do ‘something’, and stuff.

She’s stated she doesn’t want to be a cheater, and I don’t want her to be one either. I just want her to know her own feelings that she has for me, opening the door wide enough for her to leave him, or to consider it a lot more.
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( TL;DR version = Want my ex-girlfriend back but she’s taken. She’s leaving the door open for me, and has stated she has some feelings for me. We’ve flirted for a while, wondering what my next move should be. )