Slashing high priced Lotions back down to earth

LotionHQ is a Discount tanning lotion supply company based Manitoba.

Starting with just one sale like many small businesses we've continued to grow to be one of Canada's best priced internet lotion sources. Trying to ensure customers are tanning with the best possible products at reasonable prices.

Local salon's charge extremely high prices for lotions making these margins their bread and butter. LotionHQ was built to level the playing field and keep the game fair. If a $100+ is what a customer wants to pay to tan then that's their choice, but for the rest of the savvy customers out there LotionHQ is the solution.

LotionHQ is offering pricing that is competitive with U.S. discount lotion sites. As a Canadian you can order from these sites and save a substantial amount of money over your local salon. However returning items, dealing with customs and not to mention most of these sites are charging $30+ for shipping to Canada is just a pain. So why wouldn't you order from a Canadian based business and save on lotion and shipping costs?

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We carry high quality remy human hair extensions. We offer tape extensions, easy loop and clip-in extension. Prices vary and require a free consultation before quote can be given.

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