We originally Switzerland 2 Deejay B-Wheel Beck Massimo and Rom Mc Grey Romain Roueche (electro-house-tribal-Techno-Tech house- Electro House- Deep-house) From the Region of Bern and Jura and have as luggage over 15 years professional experience in matters Djing and 8 years in the musical production.
Im Preparing For The Night - Ft. B - Wheel - Original Mix
Viral - Original Mix - SDL Records Germany
Stand Up-Confusionmix-Tainted Buddah Recs
Challenger- Herbal Mix - SDL Records Germany
React2mens Live - Brain Storm - Original Mix - Trance
React2mens-Play Me-(original Mix)
Daft Call - React2mens Live- Feat. Joefunktastik - Original - House