This diverse, eclectic, electronic. Minimalist started out editing tapes 20 years or so ago followed by occational djing for fun with friends moving on to production with Acid 4 as well as Cool edit which he remembers rendering times as a true test for any artist let alone to put it gently 1 with o.c.d
Clearly frustrated by this he updated his old pc for something slightly quicker and managed to get a copy of ableton live 5
the speed, flexibility and total overall fuckabillity of audio and midi information gave life to simplizmo spawning tracks early on thru 8bit collective.which should be known as his first online pressence
As a progression he eased his way onto MySpace. And Souncloud as bleepeater where his art. took on a more experimental ambient approach never listening for perfecction always looking for those shapes tht echo like sounds we see watch while you listen are you hearing me