RJ Freud Reia

Half of "The Perfect Human Example", Freud Reia has been a electronic musician in the global Punk Rock scene for nearly two decades. Also, working for non-profits for the same time. He is based out of Arkansas, San Francisco, and formerly London.

Freud has been involved with trying to bring a ReacTable Experience to San Francisco since 2007, which is FINALLY coming to the Children's Creativity Museum directly because of his advocacy! A permanent exhibit, available to all.

After the shift to reacTable Mobile, Freud uses it in The Perfect Human Example (UK) who plan an extensive tour again in 2014, along with their new album featuring the ReacTable, all non-TPHE tables are open. Just please site the samples if you reuse them (it would be cool if you sent me a link to the copy), and please don't change the name of the samples.

*note from Freud: If you have any questions, contact me on FaceBook, I will always respond to you. Many thanks, and greetings earthlings.<8> FR