reig & wheeler

At 11 years old, Craig shows firmly his tendency for the music by learning to play battery. Only son stemming from an avant-gardist couple, his parents do not hesitate to register him in a battery’s school of Catalonia’s North. Very fast, he shows himself very bright and is drawn attention) while he is only a young teenager, by a jazz band with whom he chains tours. It will be only the beginning of his career which will continue by a series of integration in musical internationals bands, in varied domains such as: blues, pop, rock, gospel, funk, rap, electro music, salsa and others Latino’s sounds...
During this time near to Perpignan, Jérôme R, young guy passionate and sensitive, stemming from a music-loving family, take an avid interest for mixing desks and electronic sounds. In 2007, his passion throws him in the auto-company of events. His musical culture, his side perfectionist and his choices for the pieces house trendiest, quickly are distinguished by the Catalan night birds, so bringing him to be sought for the organization of some society parties and to push the doors of clubs most trendy of North’s Catalonia.
In 2008, Craig chosen to return in Catalonia, his native land on which he is convinced to create an electronic musical network and to start a new challenge. He meets Jérôme attracted by his dynamism. They decide then on a musical collaboration, the one caught in his mixing desks, the other one hung on his conga drums. The energy and the ideas fuse between the two musicians and the projects are defined in the Catalan Musical Culture. Without forgetting the Catalan society parties where they like to express their talent and to enjoy around, they wish to create and produce become inevitability. Then is felt and where from ensue the pieces in the influences House and Deep House such as "this sound is sexy " and "shake the party" produced under the labels Marendadisc and Lace Recording Which open them the doors of the extremely famous RACHDINGUE or they share the stage with DAVID CARRETA and STEPHAN BODZIN...
Always in search of novelty, reig & wheeler offers now an exclusive dj set in France and Europe, the fruit of their collaboration with the creators of the Reactable. An electro and deep house dj set who gladly lend a club show, a fashion show, an exhibition of art or any other exclusive events.
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